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Welcome to Turnadaisy's Blog!

Turnadaisy is the Ultimate in "lazy susan" style tables. We have many sizes and styles to fit your needs.
Turnadaisy is a rotating table company that is green as can be, with a dizzying array of sizes and styles to fit your needs.The Original, Butler and Naked Butler are 42" diam x 3" tall, recycled, industrial plastic and wood composite. We recycle this amazingly durable material a second time, just so you can have a Turnadaisy of your own.

Turnadaisy makes so many activities easier, more efficient, more attractive and fun.

Turnadaisy's profile includes the following activities and interests:

1. Helping hand for folks with disabilities or mobility limitations, do more easier with a Turnadaisy

2. Plants, be they food or decorative, indoors or out. Turnadaisy turns tight spots into grow spots.

3. Displays of almost every kind become a "real turn on" Turnadaisy is an attention getter every where she goes. If you sell a product at shows or in a brick and morter shop you will love these tables.

4. Parties! Casual or formal, tailgator or elegant buffet...Yes Turnadaisy will work for food ;)

5. Bonsai growers will LOVE these tables to make their work easier and their trees get more even light exposure. Jr. is the smallest, the Pro is a bit bigger, then there is the Original for your biggest trees, inside or out.

What will you do with your Turnadaisy?...or 2...

Please visit http://www.turnadaisy.com/ to see more pictures and Video!

We also have an Etsy shop http://www.turnadaisy.etsy.com/

Thanks for visiting and check back for more about these great tables and all the fun and wonderful ways you can use them to improve your life!