Etsy West Michigan interviews Turnadaisy :)

Turnadaisy is a member of the Etsy West Michigan team known as Etsywmi. The team honored us with an interview W00T!
This is a great group of talented West Michigan artists. Read the Turnadaisy interview here  then check out the members list to find the best handmade items in West Michigan :)

Turnadaisy's local Balloon dept. aka Balloons by Turnadaisy creates over a half mile of Google balloons! :)

Oh Yes! 800 balloon awesomeness ;)
Balloons by Turnadaisy created and unfurled their 800 balloon, over half mile long "Google Balloon Fiber" :) The great folks at DVS Creative made this very cool video...check it out! Oh and before you press play, take a look at the picture, you can see the balloon fiber coming out of the back of the Ryder truck and winding out all over the place. LOL!

Google Fiber: My Grand Rapids is Ready from DVS Creative on Vimeo.

I hope Google sees this and wants to come to Grand Rapids, we are a hardworking and fun took a little over 10 hours to inflate, tie and bag the balloon Google Fiber. Yes it was worth every minute!!
Yes we picked up every tiny scrap to recycle them :)

Google Fiber for Grand Rapids!!

Hello folks!!

Well more fun and excitement in Grand Rapids, Mi!
An amazing group of people have joined together to show Google why Grand Rapids, Mi is the place for them to trial the Google Fiber!!

Google Fiber will be the fastest publicly available internet connection operating at an amazing 1000mbps (or 1gbps). In our area the typical Comcast & AT&T U-verse connection is about 6mbps.


So this is what they are doing Friday March 19th - Rally

Oh and one last, looooong thing ;-)

Balloons by Turnadaisy will be constructing a 3,000' long, 800 balloon Google Google colors of course for the rally on Friday :) Yes that is a lot of balloons and it will be over a half mile long!! Crazy Fun!! I will get pictures up after the event.

If you are in, near or just want to, please support Grand Rapids for this great Google trial by nominating, showing up in Google colors, joining the facebook fan page, following on twitter etc. :)

Thank you! We all hope to see YOU there, keep a look out for that really looooong balloon Google Fiber!!

Turnadaisy's review of the Broadway Grand Rapids Cirque Dreams Illumination

You have exactly 3 more chances to experience
presented by Broadway Grand Rapids

Saturday, January 30 at 2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday, January 31 at 3:00pm

This is the description on BGR's website:
"City dwellers collect objects that are balanced beyond belief, linemen delicately walk wires, daredevils leap tall buildings and flyers redefine the risks of flight. Everyday occurrences are transformed into astounding feats performed by an international cast of acrobatic urbanites, flexible fanatics, world-class athletes, musicians and more. This action packed Cirque Dream is enhanced with over 100 inventive costumes and set in a fantastical cityscape of dimension and special effects. Cirque Dreams Illumination will surpass its "jaw dropping, family friendly spectacle" proclamation by the Los Angeles Times and exhilarate audiences of all ages."

The production is all of this and is gorgeous! The Color, capital C! The "Illumination" and sparkle are stunning.

Martin Lamberti had everyone laughing until they cried with his antics which included members of the audience.

Andrey Averyushkin is incredible, astounding, hilarious and more. You should not miss a chance to experience this talented performer.

I highly recommend you experience this production, we are so glad we did. The sheer number of incredibly talented performers is well worth attending this production more than once.

Thank You Grand Rapids Social Diary for this illuminating experience! Who is Grand Rapids Social Diary you ask? Well I suggest you find out, I believe you will be glad you did. GRSD is on Facebook and Twitter as well.


paws.jpg, originally uploaded by Turnadaisy.

Paws with a Cause dog on Turnadaisy's ArtPrize sculpture :) Thanks Apryl Lea (staff trainer extraordinaire:) visit for the best dog training in West Michigan by Apryl Lea & Ron Watson. Visit for sculpture and the ultimate recycled lazy susan style rotating tables information.