Google Fiber for Grand Rapids!!

Hello folks!!

Well more fun and excitement in Grand Rapids, Mi!
An amazing group of people have joined together to show Google why Grand Rapids, Mi is the place for them to trial the Google Fiber!!

Google Fiber will be the fastest publicly available internet connection operating at an amazing 1000mbps (or 1gbps). In our area the typical Comcast & AT&T U-verse connection is about 6mbps.


So this is what they are doing Friday March 19th - Rally

Oh and one last, looooong thing ;-)

Balloons by Turnadaisy will be constructing a 3,000' long, 800 balloon Google Google colors of course for the rally on Friday :) Yes that is a lot of balloons and it will be over a half mile long!! Crazy Fun!! I will get pictures up after the event.

If you are in, near or just want to, please support Grand Rapids for this great Google trial by nominating, showing up in Google colors, joining the facebook fan page, following on twitter etc. :)

Thank you! We all hope to see YOU there, keep a look out for that really looooong balloon Google Fiber!!