Turnadaisy's local Balloon dept. aka Balloons by Turnadaisy creates over a half mile of Google Fiber...in balloons! :)

Oh Yes! 800 balloon awesomeness ;)
Balloons by Turnadaisy created and unfurled their 800 balloon, over half mile long "Google Balloon Fiber" :) The great folks at DVS Creative made this very cool video...check it out! Oh and before you press play, take a look at the picture, you can see the balloon fiber coming out of the back of the Ryder truck and winding out all over the place. LOL!

Google Fiber: My Grand Rapids is Ready from DVS Creative on Vimeo.

I hope Google sees this and wants to come to Grand Rapids, we are a hardworking and fun town...it took a little over 10 hours to inflate, tie and bag the balloon Google Fiber. Yes it was worth every minute!!
Yes we picked up every tiny scrap to recycle them :)