ArtPrize is here!!!

Folks, Rick DeVos has thrown down the gauntlet for Artists and those who love Art!

Right here in little ol' Grand Rapids, Michigan of all places...I love this town :)

Artists from across the globe will be competeing with original works for the largest Art prize ever.

Read the details here and do a happy dance...this is going to be a Fun summer!

Thank you Rick DeVos and everyone who has worked to put this together.
You are all wonderful :)
Well that didn't take long...before I could finish this happy post, along came Mr. Kooyman *sigh*
here is what he said and my reply...

Richard Kooyman says:
April 24, 2009 at 7:49 am
A new major art event such as ArtPrize can only succeed on it’s level of professionalism. Isn’t letting the public award over $400,000 in prize money a little like letting the public award the Nobel Prizes? Rick Devos may think it’s fun to shake up things and “see what happens” but let’s not forget you are asking artists from around the world to shoulder the cost and effort to ship,install and insure their work in venues around Grand Rapids. Should not artists be entitled to a little more professionalism in the jurying process?
Suzanne Vainner says:
April 25, 2009 at 7:07 pm
Mr. Kooyman,
Mr. DeVos made it clear he is starting a conversation between All those interested. Truly, Sir if the Artist is too important/professional and is unable to participate due to the high cost of their time and effort or lack of confidence in public opinion, please feel welcome to stay home and watch. I am sure there are Artists who would be grateful for the opportunity and excited about the possibilities enough to fill in the blanks beautifully.ArtPrize is for everyone…not just the “important/professional”. The “educated/enlightened” are welcome to come up with their own idea and have a great time doing so.
Thank you Mr. DeVos…it’s going to be a fun summer
Soooo back to the happy dancing we were doing :)
(I know, woohooo isn't dignified, but it's FUN)

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